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Lost Pets

Have you lost a pet, or perhaps found one?  This page is designed to give you the resources you need to get him back to where he belongs, or get united with your pet.  The following steps will help.

Your pet is lost

If a pet is picked up when lost, it may be picked up by someone who's trying to help.  Occasionally these people will phone either the Winkler Veterinary Clinic, or the Morden Veterinary Clinic to report it lost, and the pet catcher may then bring him to the pound.  The City of Winkler, Morden, and the RM of Stanley and surrounding municipalities have a pound for lost animals.  During regular business hours, your respective city or RM office can help you locate your pet and arrange for you to pick up.  The other source to check is the Pembina Valley Humane Society.   

Found pets

The first thing to do is to check if the pet has an identification tattoo or tag.  Occasionally the owner information will be on the tag, allowing you to contact the owner.  The rabies tags that we give out when animals are vaccinated are associated with the owners address.  If you call the office during business hours, we can track the owner and help reunite the pet with their owner.  If there is no identification, the respective City office or Rm office can be contacted and arrangements made for the animal to be taken to the pound, where he will be safe until his owner comes to reclaim him.  Again, this is best done during office hours.